Anyone who imports or manufactures scaffolding in Australia, is legally responsible to ensure that the equipment is 100% safe and compliant with Australian OH&S requirements. All scaffolding equipment that is imported must be independently tested, preferably by a registered Australian testing laboratory, and receive a Plant Design Registration number from an Australian State before it can be sold or used. It is illegal to sell or use scaffolding which does not have Plant Design Registration.

To just accept a test certificate from an offshore manufacturer and claim that equipment complies with Australian Standards does not satisfy Australian legislative requirements. Sitemax is very aware of these requirements and have fulfilled all obligations. When you buy from Sitemax you can rest assured that you are buying compliant equipment from a reputable local company that will stand by the goods it provides. You can also rest assured that you are not inadvertently breaching local laws.

We sell galvanized kwikstage style scaffolding, which is used extensively in Australia due to its simplicity, speed of assembly and cost effectiveness. We also supply a full range of scaffold tubes, scaffold fittings, stair units, ladders, boards and planks.